Oh, Irene.

By mrathee / August, 29, 2011 / 8 comments

For those of you that aren’t on the east coast of the US, you may not have heard about Hurricane Irene. Irene was a Cat4 hurricane that was rampaging up the east coast. Some areas suffered the Category 4 severity of the storm, while others got lucky (Is lucky the right word here?) and only had to deal with the flooding and damage the comes with a tropical class storm.

As the storm was headed my way, I had an idea to try to do a timelapse video. I was recently watching the “Time Escape” video that was created by Tom Lowe, Vince Laforet, Carson Garner and more – featuring some really fantastic new hardware from Eric Kessler. If you get a few minutes, I highly recommend that video – it is stunning.

Anyway, back to my main point, I had wanted to do a timelapse video of the storm moving in. These hopes were dashed because the storm got to me after sunset. So today, seeing the bright sun peeking through the clouds, I decided to go ahead and capture my first timelapse. The video below is my first attempt at shooting a timelapse and I think it came out pretty nice. There were a few hiccups between not setting my camera up to record continuously – clips cut off at the twelve minute mark. The wind was also still upwards of 30 miles per hour which made sitting on top of my roof significantly more dangerous than a regular day. Needless to say, I think it was completely worth it and I am really happy with the result.

Technical: Canon 5dmkII & 24-70 2.8. Shot at 1/400sec at ISO100.

So, enjoy the video and the photos below!


1 Oh, Irene.2 Oh, Irene.


And the video:


Hurricane Irene Trail Timelapse / www.manikratheephotography.com from manik rathee on Vimeo.

8 Responses to Oh, Irene.

  • margaretmains

    wow, that time lapse is sweet! what interval did you have the shutter set on? 5 seconds? i’m just guessing.

    • mrathee

      It is actually a x5000 video at shot 1/400th of a second, stitched together.

  • Meena

    That’s how they do it, eh!! Cool!

  • n. conte


  • Bhavna

    this was great! cool way to capture pics and video.

  • Sal

    Very Cool Manik!!!

  • Barbara

    Very very cool. Thanks for that!

  • Ellie A.

    pretty awesome!

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